Development of a methodological framework for incorporating ecosystem-based adaptation in the process of planning and management of protected areas in Peru


This Technology Transfer Advances Peru's

  • Nationally Determined Contribution to encourage and promote actions that increases the availability of water and resiliency of forests, and reduces the negative impact of climate change on agrarian activities and fishing sector.  


For a developing country like Peru, climate change is a threat to the socio-economic development and prosperity of its people. This immediately threatens the necessary and ongoing efforts to reduce poverty, the agricultural productivity, water resources and biodiversity among other sectors. Peru’s Protected Natural Areas (ANP) are the cornerstone of the strategy for conservation of biodiversity in Peru as they include unique and often fragile ecosystems that play a central role in achieving sustainable development.

CTCN Support Requested

In order to strengthen the national system of protected areas of Peru from pressures related to climate change impacts, it is important to prepare and manage the ecosystems. The objective is that these ecosystems have greater adaptive response to climate change pressures and continue providing their essential services not only to communities living in these areas but also beyond.

In this context, CTCN technical assistance is requested in order to design a methodological framework for incorporating ecosystem-based adaptation in the process of planning and management of natural protected areas nationwide. In addition, the technical assistance will build the capacity of the request proponent,  SERNANP, as it is a strategic element for ensuring the monitoring of the ANP’s adaptation to climate change.

Relevant Technologies and Approaches

Expected Benefits

It is expected that the CTCN technical assistance will be translated in an action plan at national level for the implementation of adaptation actions based on ecosystems under the SERNANP. The plan will cover the political dimension, which has long-term affection, and the identification of priority areas for action where technical and financial efforts will be implemented in the medium and long term.


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Dirección de Cambio Climático y Desertificación, Ministerio del Ambiente
Asesoramiento Ambiental Estratégico
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