Climate Technology Centre and Network

The CTCN is the implementation arm of the Technology Mechanism of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and is hosted by the UN Environment Programme. The Centre promotes the accelerated transfer of environmentally sound technologies for low carbon and climate resilient development at the request of developing countries. The CTC provides technology solutions, capacity building and advice on policy, legal and regulatory frameworks tailored to the needs of individual countries by harnessing the expertise of a global network of technology companies and institutions.

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Introducing the 3rd Programme of Work

The CTCN’s third programme of work aims to enhance transformational impact and scale across its core service areas through two proven technology enablers and five system transformations. With this new programme, the CTCN acknowledges the need to rapidly accelerate the shift towards climate resilience and emissions reduction. It will continue delivering on its mandate to respond to country-driven requests with a focus on strengthening developing country capacity to address technology challenges and opportunities for adaptation and mitigation.

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CTCN around the world

Network spotlight

mistEO is a climate decision intelligence company that works in the weather insurance and climate resilience financing.

Chungbuk Innovation Institute of Science and Technology is a regional innovation center that leads open science and technology infrastructure and digital-based R&D innovation by establishing a regional innovation network with outstanding ICT experts.

SHER Ingénieurs-Conseils s.a. was created in 1985 in Brussels by a group of engineers, economists, hydrogeologists and architects. The company delivers its range of services worldwide in the field of water, environment and infrastructure. The headquarters are based in Namur (Belgium).

Lartech offers multidisciplinary services in the areas of Technical Analysis and Assessments, Monitoring and Evaluation, Feasibility Studies, Planning, Environmental and Social Performance Management, Project Management, Policy Analysis, Energy, Training and Facilitation, Organisation Review and

The GCCA is the trusted, authoritative platform and voice for the cement and concrete sector across the world.