Water Treatment Technology by NAC System


This system is a high efficient effluent treatment by using ozone pre-treatment process. The facility called NAC is comprised of 1) ozone supply device 2) reactor for oxidative decomposition of effluent and 3) floating separator to remove the residue from treated clean water. NAC system can be utilized for especially algae floating (water bloom) treatment in the lake river or dam reservoir. Dissolved ozone in the polluted water decomposes these algae and decomposition wastes are collected and removed outside lake river or dam reservoir. BOD COD and SS are eventually reduced as well as the water is deodorized and de-colored. NAC system has many project records of waste water treatment in the industrial fields including dye works and food factory.


(1) High efficient Water treatment such as deodorization and transparency (2) Reduction of Electricity consumption (3) Compact size facility

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