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Korea Water Resources Corporation

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K-water is a Korean multi-sectoral water services provider that has been dedicated to water management for people. With its own ICT-based smart water management, K-water will tackle various water problems by providing IWRM(Integrated Water Resources Management) services over the whole process of water cycle.

CTCN/The International CCS Knowledge Centre webinar : The Shand CCS Feasibility Study - Second Generation CCS for the Globe and Multi-Sectors

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 15:00

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) applied to large point source emissions is the technology that yields the biggest reduction in CO2 emissions.  Canada is a leader in CCS, and it needs to be advanced at a greater rate to meet the Paris Agreement emissions reduction targets.

Multipurpose dams


BATCO is a general engineering and contracting company that has grown from a civil and earthwork contractor to a leading main contractor with multi-disciplinary construction projects in a broad range of sectors. BATCO’s services include design & construction of roads and highways, infrastructure, bridges, tunnels, water dams, marine works and solid waste sanitary landfills. BATCO additionally offer operation and maintenance of roads & highways, infrastructure and industrial plants.