Seambiotic: renewable energy production


Seambiotic is the first in the world with proprietary technology for growing marine microalgae in open ponds using flue gas and recycled seawater from power plant. Seambiotic is also the first in the world to successfully connect directly to a power plant’s smokestack for direct consumption of CO2. The Company currently holds patent applications on the technology. Seambiotic was initially established to produce and sell Omega 3 fatty acid products from marine microalgae. Seambiotic developed its business model and now presents a very appealing dual purpose application of its technology: Omega 3 and bio-fuels. Seambiotic intends in the next few years to focus primarily on Omega 3 production and sales.


Seambiotic has developed and proved revolutionary technology that can produce large quantities of microalgae biomass. Seambiotic provides a unique method for growing marine Microalgae on flue gases from a fossil-fuel electric power plant. The new technology of Seambiotic reduces the cost of microalgae production significantly while reducing global warming by capturing CO2 from the smokestacks of coal burning power plants. The technology can be adapted to refineries and to any other CO2 releasing installations.; Proven record of commercial use

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