Integrated coal Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plants

Opportunities enabled

The Integrated coal Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) system consist of coal gasification process and gas turbine combined cycle. Coal is gasified in a entrained flow gasifier, whose gas is introduced to combined cycle power generation. The IGCC system has attracted attention as a major next-generation environment-friendly thermal power generation system due to its superior power generating efficiency compared to conventional coal-fired thermal power generation and ability to reduce CO2 emissions.

Organisation providing the technology
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. (MHPS)

(500MW power plant, 80% of capacity factor)(compared to Supercritical condition steam turbine)

  • Energy saving: approx. 5,260 TJ/yr (LHV)
  • CO2 reduction: approx. 500 ktCO2/yr
  • Emissions of air pollutants (e.g. SOx, dust) per power generation (kWh) are lower (if compared to conventional coal-fired power plant)
  • Reduction of thermal effluent
  • Reduction of fly ash and reuse of slug for paving material
  1. High thermal efficiency Air-blown gasifier with lower auxiliary power than oxygen-blown gasifier is adopted. The net thermal efficiency of commercial plants with 1500°C class gas turbine is approx. 48%(LHV), about 20% higher than conventional coal-fired plants.
  2. High environmental performance Emission of CO2, NOx, SOx, and dust is reduced due to high thermal efficiency.
  3. Coal flexibility Even low rank coal which is unacceptable for usual conventional coal-fired boilers because of its low ash melting temperature and high moisture content is suitable for MHI's IGCC.
  4. Better coal ash disposal Coal ash is discharged in a form of slag whose volume is half of fly ash from conventional coal-fired plants. It has no leaching characteristics of trace element.
Succes factors and requirements

Environmental regulation (e.g. air pollutants)

Countries where implemented
Case story of implementation

Joban Joint Power Co., Ltd., Nakoso Power Plant No.10 (Japan).


Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry, JapanEmail: [email protected]