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Identification and prioritization of technologies to address water scarcity and climate change impacts in Namibia

This technical assistance advances the following Sustainable Development Goals: 

Clean water and sanitation

Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation
Clean water and sanitation

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Climate action

Goal 13: Climate action
Climate action

This Technology Transfer Advances Namibia's

CTCN Response

  • Review national policies, projects and programmes 
  • Provide complete inventory of climate change adaptation projects for the water sector and international water plans, together with an analysis of lessons learned from these
  • Develop list of most promising technologies for Namibian water provision, efficiency and storage 
  • Recommend technology prioritization based upon previous analysis and stakeholder consultations 
  • Identify opportunities for financial investment and/or technical assistance to deploy and scale up the highest ranked technology solutions. 
  • Develop project concepts notes (with stakeholders) for the prioritized water scarcity technologies for presentation to funders. 
  • Organize investor roundtable to present the prioritized technologies and associated projects

Relevant Technologies and Approaches

Expected Results

  • Report on complete policy context for Namibian water sector adaptation technologies 
  • Inventory of climate change adaptation projects for water sector, international water plans, and analysis of lessons learned 
  • Prioritized water sector climate technologies tailored to Namibia’s specific context
  • Improved management of water scarcity through the use and deployment of appropriate technologies 
  • Creation of significant economic, social and environmental benefits, such as increase agricultural productivity, increased income from agriculture, improvements in health and reduction of water related diseases

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