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Development of a certification course for energy managers and energy auditors of Bangladesh


Bangladesh is one the most densely populated countries in the world with about 161 million people living in 147,570 sq. kilometers of land. The country aims to increase its primary energy supply by 3-4 times and its electricity generation capacity by approximately 3 times its current rate. In terms of energy management, a number of initiatives have been initiated in public and private sectors, but there is currently a scarcity of the necessary workforce required to meet energy managment needs. 

Requested CTCN Response

Development of an Energy Auditor and Energy Manager Certification program, which will build the capacity of a growing energy workforce, as well as a training of trainers programme.

Expected Results 

•    Contribution to climate change mitigation in the long term through improved energy managment 
•    Decreased dependence on volatile and rising energy prices 
•    Increased energy security and energy self-sufficiency

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