Design of a national framework of climate change related indicators

Honduras indicators

This Technology Transfer Advances Hondura's

  • Nationally Determined Contribution to, through the 'Observatory for Sustainable Development and Climate Change recently created in the country, support the generation of information, knowledge management and periodic monitoring of climate indicators. 


The biophysical and topographic features of Honduras, along with its level of poverty, make it highly vulnerable to extreme climate events being exacerbated by climate change such events. The country has made significant efforts to establish environmental indicators and develop platforms or systems to generate information and monitoring data. Nonetheless, the information, studies and specific indicators do not use approved climate change-related criteria; they are not official and have generally been the result of isolated initiatives that do not generate time series or take into account the priority sectors and processes as set out in the country’s policies and other strategic planning processes on climate change.

Requested CTCN Response

  • Review and adjust the current conceptual model of the National Climate Change Observatory for Sustainable Development (ONCCDS), including defining indicators, measurement and analysis protocols, coordination mechanisms for institutional actors/partners, target groups, final outputs and sustainability opportunities
  • Definition of the framework of climate change indicators
  • Establishment of a training programme for the technical staff
  • Set of conceptual profiles to be used when analysing, cross-checking variables and planning the thematic reports

Relevant Technologies and Approaches

  • Climate change monitoring

Expected Results

  • Solid cornerstone that will complement the country’s current climate agenda in terms of knowledge management, enabling reliance on and access to updated, official and available information
  • An innovative platform that responds to the demands of the population, particularly when taking decisions related to climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Reduced loss of important information due to changes in Government and/or the end of cooperation programmes and projects

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National Climate Change Directorate - Energy, Natural Resources, Environment and Mining Secretariat of Honduras
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