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Design of a knowledge management system for tropical forests management and ecosystem services

This technical assistance advances the following Sustainable Development Goals:
Climate action
Life on land


In Costa Rica, the role of forests in climate change adaptation and mitigation is widely acknowledged and various political and financial mechanisms have been developed to support ecosystems in facilitating adaptation processes and act as carbon sinks that directly contribute to mitigation. However, there is a lack of instruments to facilitate access to information for improving the decision-making process for climate change adaptation and mitigation when it comes to the management of forests and associated ecosystem services.

Requested CTCN Response

  • Design a data and information management system for managing tropical forests to support climate change mitigation and adaptation, in addition to financial mechanisms for ecosystem services
  • Develop effective and feasible IT tools to provide quick and efficient access to information per the first objective and to catalyse processes for decision-making and strategy design

Key Technologies Addressed

Expected Results

  • Increased capacity in Costa Rica to design mitigation and adaptation strategies for the management of forests and ecosystem services. It is also anticipated that enhanced and more up to date knowledge will enable more efficient and effective responses to the expected impacts of climate change on forest ecosystems.