Purix Solar Cooling System

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The Purix Solar Cooling system is a unique stand-alone product applying a modular design.

Being the only supplier worldwide combining conventional absorption cooling technology with a split type product design, PURIX holds a pole position in commercial solar cooling systems – off-the-shelf.

A flexible plug&play product design accommodates a variety of indoor cooling devices for matching interior design and building architectural needs in existing buildings, or as part of any new construction. With a nominal cooling capacity of 2.5kW, Purix addresses the market for small applications suitable for most consumers, small offices, meeting rooms and hotels. For larger system capacities up to 160kW PURIX provides a cascade control unit for managing chillers and up to 256 fan coil units.

To accommodate building designs, the  solar collectors may be integrated on the roof surface, mounted on rooftops or on the ground/ flat roof.

The Purix cooling and air conditioning systems may be used as a stand alone mono- or multi split air condition system or may be used in combination with other air condition systems based on chilled water. Offering functionality similar to conventional air condition products, the Purix solar air conditioner provides a cooling and heating function which assists you in using the full potential of the solar energy.

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