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Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency: EE products

  • Technology


    1. Advanced technology: Famous led chips and superly reliable Mean Well power supply are used, realizing long-term reliable and stable working without failure and maintenance, it's really a fit and forget product. 

    2. High light efficiency up to 130 lm/W, ETL and DLC4.0 approval. 

    3. Top quality aluminium die cast body, and patented cooling body design, simple and elegant style. 

  • Technology

    High efficiency burners with equilibrium and the optimal isolation of the oven cavity, which allow to achieve the best use of its caloric power, reducing its consumption to the maximum.

  • Technology

    Gas cooker of stainless steel of 60 cm. built-in one-hand electronic ignition and cast iron grills.

    Its high efficiency burners, applied with true balance, allow to achieve the best use of its power, reducing consumption to the maximum.

    Energy efficiency class: A

    Multigas: Yes

    Burners: 4

    Safety valves in burners: Yes

    Cast iron gratings: Yes

    Electronic ignition at a hand: Yes

    Width (cm): 58.0

    Height (cm): 3.0

    Depth (cm): 52.0

  • AAC consists 80% air by volume, making it lightest available walling Material (weights ¼ that of clay bricks).

    Formed as a result of reaction of Aluminum on a proportionate blend of Lime, Cement & FlyAsh, the hydrogen gas that escape creates millions of tiny air cells giving it a strong honeycomb like structure.

    It is further strengthened by High pressure steam curing in Autoclaves.

    Invented in 1932, AAC now accounts for 40% of all construction in UK & 60% of all construction in Germany.

  • The AddAir heater/heat exchanger completely changes the dehumidification process in a poultry house. We see a cut in heating costs by almost 70 % compared to traditional heaters.

    Heating with AddAir

    During the first weeks the AddAir work no different from other water carried heaters. With dampers closed the AddAir bring room air through the heater where it is heated to room temperature.

  • An AirHeater uses the rays of the sun to blow warmth into your home and creates a healthy indoor climate with low humidity.

    Airheater – healthy indoor climate and free heating

    With DanSolar AirHeater technology the air is drawn back and forth three times inside the ventilator before the air is released inside. The ventilator has a filter that cleans the air, which is an advantage for allergics among others.

    The AirHeater unit needs no power because the built-in solar panel supplies all the necessary energy.

  • Technology

    The luminaire with indirect light distribution is perfect for offices and public premises. Miro® aluminium optics give an even/low surface luminance. Active + version is a self-learning luminaire that adjusts the light levels by itself, and is activated only when needed. Alfa G2 is available also as a tunable white version.

  • Technology

    Energy savings greater than 75%;

    Instant ignition;

    Slim and ultralight design;

    Type of use: external - residential, commercial;

    No production of UV rays;

    High efficiency and energy efficiency;

    No generation of noises or flickers;

    It works with external movement sensors.

    Material: plastic and aluminium;

    Power: 3W;

    Tension: 85-265V MultiV;

    IRC: RA>75:

    Factor of power: >0.9;

    LED type: LED hi-power;

    Life: >35.000 Hours

  • Technology

    Bharat Bijlee offers a comprehensive range of highly reliable and energy efficient 3 Phase AC Electrical Rotating Machine from 0.12 kW to 1250 kW.

    Bharat Bijlee have always been a front runner in the field of energy efficient products conforming to latest national and international standards. Their cutting edge in-house testing facility equipped with latest measuring instruments is testimony to this.

    Their expertise lies in deep understanding of various industrial applications and offering the most optimized solution with low life cycle ownership cost.