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Paving the way for sustainable transportation to achieve net zero
20 Mar 2024

Transitioning from traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) is not merely a shift in transportation technology; it represents a pivotal step towards combating climate change, fostering sustainable communities and clean air, and ultimately aiming to achieve net zero.

Pre-Acceleration Programme for Climate Entrepreneurship, CATAL1.5°T Global announces the opening of the call for applications.
04 Mar 2024

The GCF-GIZ CATALI.5°T Initiative is designed to enhance capacities and provide resources for supporting and empowering Climate Tech ventures in Latin America and West Africa. The objective of this announcement is to provide an opportunity for early-stage climate startups and other MSMEs in Latin America to apply for funding through the CATAL1.5°T Pre-Acceleration Programme.

EU-CTCN programme Climate Change and Security
15 Feb 2024

The UN Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), hosted by UNEP, together with the European Union(EU), announced today the first countries benefitting from CTCN technical assistance under the joint EU-CTCN programme Climate Change and Security: Innovative Community-based Climate Technology for Communities at Risks of Conflicts Due to Climate Impact.