INDC of Tonga

Taking into account its negligible emission and limited capability, Tonga’s intended contributions are designed to be quantified at the national level cascaded to the sector level as follows:

  • 50% of electricity generation from renewable sources by 2020. In 2015 renewable energy accounts for approximately 9% of total electricity generation, with confirmed and funded investments taking this to 13% in 2016.
  • 70% of electricity generation from renewable sources by 2030
  • Improve Energy efficiency through reduction of electricity line losses to 9 percent by 2020 (from a baseline of 18 percent in 2010)
  • To double the 2015 number of Marine Protected Areas by 2030
  • Sector Emission Reduction Targets: Transport, Agriculture, Environment Friendly Waste Management and Reforestation
  • Other Sectors Climate Resilience: Public Infrastructures, foreshore protection, buildings and houses.
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