INDC of Cambodia

Cambodia has proposed a 27% reduction in emissions below BAU by 2030, as well as a LULUCF contribution of 4.7 tCO2e/ha/year. Cambodia wishes to propose a GHG mitigation contribution for the period 2020 - 2030, conditional upon the availability of support from the international community, in particular in accordance with Article 4.3 of the UNFCCC. Significantly, despite Cambodia's status as an LDC, Cambodia is implementing actions in accordance with our sustainable development needs that also address climate change:

(i)Energy industries, manufacturing industries, transport, and other sectors: Cambodia intends to undertake actions as listed in Table 1, the impact of which is expected to be a maximum reduction of 3,100 Gg CO2eq compared to baseline emissions of 11,600 Gg CO2eq by 2030.

(ii) LULUCF: Cambodia intends to undertake voluntary and conditional actions to achieve the target of increasing forest cover to 60% of national land area by 2030. In absence of any actions the net sequestration from LULUCF is expected to 6 reduce to 7,897 GgCO2 in 2030 compared to projected sequestration of 18,492 GgCO2 in 2010. The INDC also includes a section on Adaptation.

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