Technology for Monitoring & Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Geomorphology in the Coastal Areas of Bangladesh



This Technology Transfer Advances Bangladesh's


Being vulnerable to regular water and climate induced disasters such as cyclones, storm surges, floods, droughts, and inundation by saline water, the threat of climate change looms large in Bangladesh, affecting the economy and livelihoods. It is essential to put in place appropriate technical measures to monitor the changes due to climate change. There is not a single offshore platform along the coast of Bangladesh to regularly monitor actual sea level rise over time. Measuring water salinity and soil salinity needs lot of technological inputs and updating. Impact of climate change in different sectors need to be studied in depth over time and space.

Requested CTCN Response

  • Use of satellite imagery for periodic monitoring and impact assessment
  • Setting/linking up with offshore mechanism to monitor the sea level rise
  • Development of anlytical model(s) for impact assessment using satellite and sea level rise data
  • Sea level processing software for analyzing data 
  • Application of tools/software developed or identified for demonstration purposes in one of the coastal areas
  • Establish in-country capacity building and training that can be institutionalized

Relevant Technologies and Approaches

  • Remote sensing 
  • Coastal monitoring

Expected Results

  • Creation of a useful data-base and bench mark figures
  • With uniform impact assessment and monitoring technologies there will be very little scope of misunderstanding and misinterpretation about the data type and quality
  • Real time field monitoring and analysis will increase acceptability of the different findings by the relevant experts,
  • The modelling system and climate change impact assessment would improve greatly
  • Based on these studies Bangladesh can develop its action oriented climate change adaptation strategies
  • Satellite transmission system of data will be in place within the reach of many

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Department of Environment, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
UNEP-DHI Partnership – Centre on Water and Environment
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