INDC of Bangladesh

The INDC of Bangladesh consists of the following elements:Mitigation contribution:

  • An unconditional contribution to reduce GHG emissions by 5% from Business as Usual (BAU) levels by 2030 in the power, transport and industry sectors, based on existing resources.
  • A conditional 15% reduction in GHG emissions from BAU levels by 2030 in the power, transport, and industry sectors, subject to appropriate international support in the form of finance, investment, technology development and transfer, and capacity building.
  • A number of further mitigation actions in other sectors which it intends to achieve subject to the provision of additional international resources.

Adaptation component:

  • An outline of what Bangladesh has already done on adaptation and what the next steps are, including the long-term vision for adaptation in Bangladesh and synergies with mitigation measures.

INDC implementation:

  • Proposals for governance and coordination of INDC implementation and an outline of key next steps.

Support for INDC implementation:

  • A qualitative description of Bangladesh’s support needs and an outline of plans to further quantify this, along with some examples of indicative costs of taking action on mitigation and adaptation.
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