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Supporting the transition to a circular economy in Costa Rica



A circular economy is an industrial model that is restorative by design and proposes that, instead of extracting natural resources, materials that have already been processed can be recovered and reused in various ways, thus protecting natural resources from overexploitation, an issue that is particularly sensitive in Costa Rica. The objective in this is to keep scarce, valuable resources in circulation for longer periods of time, promoting recycling and avoiding loss of materials. Achieving these objectives requires alternative models of business such as reuse, remanufacturing and product-as-service. The main activity of this assistance is the development of a National Circular economy Strategy to support the transition to a circular economy in Costa Rica.

CTCN Support

  •  Development of a detailed work plan and related communication documents
  •  Mapping of existing actors and initiatives in circular economy in Costa Rica and planning of socialization and validation workshops 
  •  Development of the first draft of a national circular economy strategy and preliminary indicators 
  • National circular economy strategy and indicators validated 
  • Dissemination and training strategy for the use of the step-by-step guide to municipalities and key stakeholders and its implementation in three pilots 
  • Updated step-by-step guide on circular economy

Expected Results

It is expected to increase climate resilience and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in production processes, extraction and distribution of resources, and promote changes towards more sustainable consumption patterns in the Costa Rican population.

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