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Identification of a climate research agenda to include collaboration with academia in Jamaica



Jamaica´s energy matrix shows a distinct dependence on fossil fuels, which makes it challenging to move forward in complying with the NDCs goals. However, the transformation of the energy matrix faces many challenges. For electricity generation the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies, for example, during the generation and storage of energy, is limited by the high costs involved in acquiring equipment, which limits its diffusion, in addition to facing grid integration problems. Furthermore, there is also the heavy weight of highly fuel-demanding activities within the economy where a majority of the energy consumption corresponds to transport and industry. This situation creates a need to consolidate research and technological development (R&TD) capacities to guarantee an adequate transfer assimilation and deployment of the acquired technology, in order to achieve an appropriate mastery of them.

CTCN Support

Identify a multidisciplinary research and technological development (R&TD) agenda that incorporates collaboration with academia, R&TD centers and the private sector to support the achievement of climate change targets in the key sectors identified in relevant policy frameworks, including NDC and the National Development Plan – Vision 2030.

Expected Impact

  • Improvement and technological development aimed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing GHGs
  • Expansion of both the production and use of knowledge to address climate change impact related issues, as well as adaptation actions
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