Developing a national framework for the standardization of stalls and procedures for a climate smart street side vendor in the Bahamas



There is a consensus of the growing problem with street and roadside vendors in The Bahamas. Vendors are selling their goods without the necessary permits and breaching Covid-19 orders. The government of The Bahamas is taking steps to bring street vendors into the formal economy, with the development of enabling policies and fostering agriculture production. Currently, 90% of the food is imported in The Bahamas and there is an urgent need to become more self-sufficient.

The overall objective of the technical assistance is to build resilience in the agricultural sector to improve food distribution, and to an extent, improve food security.

CTCN Support

Support the organization of the informal sector of the economy into a more formalized sector, by developing a framework and feasibility study to implement standardization of stalls and a sustainable program for the establishment of open green market spaces for street side vendors. 

Expected Results

This technical assistance seeks solutions for hazard risks to the island of New Providence from climate change events, advocates for the introduction of green spaces to increase liveability and proposes innovative mechanisms for storage of produce and goods. This innovative new concept will be accompanied by a policy that will lead the vendors towards these open green spaces, so they will no longer be on the streets. Resilience will increase as a result, having a great impact on the livelihood of the people in The Bahamas, namely on the island of New Providence.


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