New environmentally-friendly CHP plant in Igelsta

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Söderenergi invests 250 million Euros in a bio fuel-fired combined heat and power plant (CHP) in Igelsta. The CHP will be able to supply energy to close on 100.000 dwellings, which makes Igelsta to one of the biggest biofuel-fired heat-electric power plants in the world.

In the southern parts of Stockholm, the municipalities of Södertälje, Huddinge and Botkyrka have invested 2.5 billion swedish kronor (€ 250 million), through its joint energy company Söderenergi, in a new combined heat and power plant (CHP) in Igelsta. The CHP uses different types of biofuels, demanding a specially designed boiler. The boiler, which by the way is Sweden’s largest CFB-boiler, is able to handle different types of wooden fuel, return fuel and in future possibly also fuel from agriculture. This mix of fuels brings a good flexibility, which can be useful, considering that the demand of biofuel is expected to increase, not only in Sweden, but also in Europe in the future. Mostly, branches and treetops are used. Also wood chips, bark and sawdust is used, which before the use is compacted, under high pressure and temperature to fuel pellets. This is done since fuel pellets become three times more efficient, than they are in their original shape. A smaller percentage is returned fuels, which are selected and quality-checked. To a lesser degree wood and plastic that cannot be recycled are also used as fuel. In total, the installation is expected to produce 210 MW heat and 85 MW electricity, which corresponds to the supply of 100.000 houses. This makes Igelsta CPH to one of the world’s largest combined heat and power plants, using biofuels.

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Powerpipe Systems AB
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