(KOTEC10) System for organic waste reduction and energy recovery

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This technology has been identified by KOTEC(Korea Technology Finance Corporation) for WIPO GREEN's project in waste water treatment sector. Any request for contacting the technology provider will be facilitated by KOTEC. This technology has been developed to reduce the organic wastes and convert them to energy and targeted at the sludge as by-products in wastewater treatment. An anaerobic digestion tank in this technology has an advantage that by the inoculation of microbes specialized for hydrolysis fast hydrolysis will generate gas and that stable methane fermentation will generate a high yield rate of biogas. ATAD (Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion) increases the number of methane-generating bacteria reduces the residual organic wastes and can remove nitrogen and phosphorus in the process. Especially in ATAD the speed of digestion is high as compared to anaerobic digestion. Also due to the autothermal effects it has many advantages in maintaining stable temperature without an effect of the external environment. In more detail the three features of this technology are Heat Booster System(HBS) Jet Aerator and foam removal device. HBS consists of Heat Booster Blower and Jet Aerator(Jet Discharge) to prepare the environment where the thermal energy conservation the active agitation and air supply and the agitation of gas and fluid can be maximized. In addition Heat Booster Blower absorbs fresh air from outside of a digestion tank and high-temperature digestion gas from within the digestion tank and mixes them for discharge into Jet Aerator so it is possible to conserve thermal energy and supply air easily and continuously.


It is advantageous that the conservation of thermal energy can maintain the internal temperature without an effect from the change in the external temperature. Jet Aerator promotes active agitation by a strong whirlpool within the tank and the special nozzles in Jet Aerator maximizes the contact area between the influent air and the fluid in the ATAD tank to enhance the efficiency of oxygen transfer. In addition by generating fine bubbles with their contact area per size being large it can increase the frequency of contact of fluids. In particular in the case of Jet Aerator it is an essential device in improving the rate of digestion of aerobic microbes to them air supply can be a key issue. Unlike the previous air suppliers which are configured to have a shape of straight line so that they may be much restrained from generating whirlpool this technology is completely rounded as well as fan-shaped. So the shape of nozzles are well prepared to generate whirlpool while energy consumption is low and the rate...

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