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The eco-smart Kungsbrohuset

Opportunities enabled:

In Kungsbrohuset, there are several innovative cleantech solutions. Among other things, Kungsbrohuset recovers the excess heat, generated by the commuters at the Stockholm Central Station. Water from Klara Lake is used for cooling the building.

Kungsbrohuset, which is situated by the Stockholm Central Station is environmentally friendly in many ways. It is so environmentally friendly, that it only requires 51 kWh per m2 and year, which is half of the energy consumption prescribed by the National Building Institute (Boverket). The house recovers excess heat generated by the hundreds of thousands commuters that pass by the Central Station every day. This excess heat is transformed through heat exchangers to warm water which supplies 15 – 20 per cent of Kungsbrohuset’s need for heating. Cold water from Klara Sjö is used for cooling. Weather forecasts updates control the heating Through updated weather forecasts, the house is able to control its heat consumption. This means, that the supply of heat increases several hours before an expected outside temperature drop. This system reduces the number of incidents of overheating. Other environmentally friendly solutions • Kungsbrohuset has a new system conducting daylight through fibre optics into dark staircases, which reduces the need for ordinary lighting. • The house has a green button, which interrupts the energy supply to mobile phone chargers, TV-receivers and other appliances, in order to reduce unnecessary consumption at nights and during weekends. • Sockets for electric cars are installed in the house.

Organisation providing the technology:
Rejlers AB, Jernhusen AB, Novacon AB, Structor Akustik AB
Countries where implemented:

Stockholm Cleantech, Klarabergsviadukten 80 , 101 30 Stockholm, 020-223 223,

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