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Sustainable design

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    This Technology Transfer Advances Thailand's

    • Nationally Determined Contribution to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent from the projected business-as-usual (BAU) level by 2030, and continue the work of Thailand's Energy Efficiency Plan to reduce the country’s energy intensity by 30% below the 2010 level in 2036.


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    Sustainable Ålidhem in Umeå is a unique urban development project, encompassing the social, technical, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability. The objective of the project is to reduce energy usage, create a safer and more comfortable environment and transform Ålidhem into a sustainable neighbourhood. Ålidhem is a district of the city of Umeå, and Sustainable Ålidhem is an ambitious, wide-ranging project for sustainable urban development. Its main goal is to halve energy usage in the area.

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    The Älvsbacka Bridge in Skellefteå is one of many pedestrian bridges constructed by Martinsons since the late 1980s and an innovative example of wood construction. It takes advantage of the environmental and other benefits from greater use of wood in building projects. Pedestrian bridges cause less inconvenience to traffic, as they reduce the number of pedestrian crossings. The wooden Älvsbacka Bridge in Skellefteå also provides several further advantages over other types of bridge:
    • A high level of prefabrication, which makes for quick assembly.

  • Green Zone is a unique pioneering project, proving that it’s possible to create an almost waste-free environment even when building and operating services like a car wash and petrol station. The synergy-based solutions for air, light, energy and water make Green Zone a centre for learning about circular sustainability. Green Zone in Umeå was the first of its kind when it was established in 2000, and it’s still a role model when it comes to energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and a circular approach.

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    With the right technology and with smart materials has Hedbergs Tak managed to construct one of Sweden's most energy efficient industrial buildings. With the right technology and with smart materials has Hedbergs Tak managed to construct one of Swedens most energy efficient industrial buildings. They manged to reduce the energy consumption with 50% in comparison to a traditional industry building. The building is only used as an office and warehouse, there is no manufacturing in the building.

  • Objective

    What will future, sustainable housing look like? HSB Living Lab is a research and demonstration arena, consisting of real homes for students and guest researchers. This exciting project innovates on site, enhancing the sustainability and quality of present and future homes and buildings. At HSB Living Lab, the private and public sectors and academia work together to create an innovation arena that integrates solutions for the real-estate industry. The arena promotes more efficient use of land and counteracts market failure.

  • Kvillebäcken is the first urban district in Gothenburg built to new, more stringent environmental requirements, with the aim of creating a residential district that makes a low-carbon lifestyle easy. The new urban district of Kvillebäcken was the first phase of the plan to link Backaplan closer to the inner city of Gothenburg. The goal has been to create a thriving, green and attractive district that makes it easy to live a low-carbon lifestyle.

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    The municipality of Örnsköldsvik has a long given priority to sustainable and energy efficient building. The expertise regarding energy efficiency and alternative energy sources are great and we have benefited from the expertise available internally in the municipality and held by planners, designers and installers when new building erected. In Ornskoldsvik, we have recently built schools, nursing homes, swimming pools and office buildings. All along, the minimization of energy has been an important issue.
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