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Technical Assistance for the Development of a Climate Smart City in Kurunegala (Mitgation Element)

Kurunegala city is one of the most intensively developing economic and administrative capitals of Sri Lanka located in the North Western Province.

To tackle these challenges, the Ministry of Environment & Wildlife Resources of Sri Lanka and Municipal Council Kurunegala requested CTCN Technical Assistance. The Technical Assistance has the aim to: i) analyze current state and baseline GHG emissions of Kurunegala city in energy, transport and waste sectors (hereinafter the sectors considered are specified in energy, transport and waste area), ii) identify list of low emission technologies for 3 sectors, iii) develop the roadmap including low emission technologies for each sector, and iv) build the capacity of city planners and policy makers in order to guide on how to transform Kurunegala city into a low emissions city.

By developing a roadmap, the Technical Assistance will contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support the transition to a low emission municipality.

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Sri Lanka
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