INDC of Iraq

Despite the difficult challenges, the Government of Iraq has laid out an economy-wide plan to reduce GHGs emission by around 14% from the Business As Usual (BAU) scenario over the period 2020 until 2035. The graph in the document below illustrates that the INDC of Iraq presents two conditional scenarios for that aforementioned emission reduction plan; 

First, a reduction of 1% of economy-wide emissions up to 2035 via national capabilities, on the condition that peace and security is achieved inside the country to enable the sustainable development in all national sectors.

Second, the INDC presents Iraq’s plan for further reduction of emissions by 13% until the year 2035 if the required technical and financial support can be made available from International funds. 

Iraq is currently working on completing its procedures for accessing Paris Agreement and working to update the INDC to issue its NDC that will become the national policy and contribution on climate changes.

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