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Support to the implementation of an integrated project Water-Energy-Livestock for the dairy value chain in the municipalities of Pette and Wina - North Cameroon



Agriculture and animal husbandry are the leading sectors of the Cameroonian economy both in terms of assets and resources generated. Yet, Cameroon is one of the countries in the world where the production and consumption of milk per capita is the lowest. The Cameroonian livestock is estimated at 12 million head for a production of 125 000 tons of milk. Most of the dairy animals are raised extensively. Milk is only collected to a limited extent. Thus, it is estimated that actual milk production represents only 45% of potential production. The processing and distribution sector is still in its infancy, although dynamic.  In the Far North region, milk is one of the staple foods for the population.

The Far North of Cameroon is a very different region from the rest of the country: it presents a significant similarity with the other countries of the Sahel. It is the arid zone that for years has been in the international headlines due to conflicts, terrorism, drought and hunger. The Sahel is also one of the most environmentally degraded regions in the world. It is undoubtedly one of the most vulnerable parts of climate change, with temperature increases expected to be 1.5 times higher than the global average. 

CTCN Support

  • Analysis and data collection on dairy value chains in the communes of Petté and Wina in Cameroon with a special focus on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Market study of technologies applicable to the local context;
  • Elaborate a master plan for the conservation of dairy products (production, storage, transport) with the support of clean technologies for the communes of Petté and Wina;
  • Socio-economic impact study of selected technologies and methods;
  • Definition of a roadmap including regulatory instruments and financial mechanisms;
  • Training and capacity building of dairy farmers on the implementation of a sustainable and resilient dairy value chain.

Expected Results

Set up of an Energy-Milk-Processing-Commercialization project in the communes of Pétté and Wina in the far north of Cameroon. 

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