Feasibility study and technological solutions for the upgrade into an integrated solid waste management system



Jordan is one of four most water scarce countries in the world. This scarcity impacts every aspect of life within the country and is its greatest challenge to economic growth and development. Climate change is acting as a threat multiplier aggravating existing water vulnerability and availability due to decreased precipitation and higher rates of evaporation, as a result of increased temperature. It is also anticipated to increase the intensity of droughts in the country and the occurrence of flood events. 

The solid waste sector is a major contributor to GHG emissions and accounts for 12.5% of the total GHG emissions of the country. The sector has also been isolated as one of the main contaminators of Jordan’s scarce groundwater resources.

The current solid waste management system, with a network of landfill sites, dumpsites and transfer stations, has very few environmental controls. Lack of funding, high operating costs and the general lack of adequate sorting and recycling facilities has resulted in waste being routinely dumped in unlined cells adjacent to old dumping sites that contain methane-producing material.

CTCN Support

Prepare an in-depth feasibility study including a budget and implementation plan which will be the basis for a concept note and full funding proposal for the Clean Environment Company solid waste management facility:

  • Pre-feasibility study for the rehabilitation of existing Dirty Material Recovery;
  • Pre-feasibility of an enclosed system- gasification plant for the rejected material feedstock
  • Business development plan for the establishment of commercial and residential recycling services.

Expected Impact

Supported the implementation of the National Solid Waste Management Strategy of Jordan, promoted a circular and green economy, and ensured the financial viability and sustainability of the existing business.


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