Establishment of a laboratory for accreditation and quality control of photovoltaic modules in Algeria


This Technology Transfer Advances Algeria's

  • Nationally Determined Contribution and its aspiration to deploy, on a large scale, photovoltaic and wind power as well as thermal solar energy, by 2030. This program ultimately aims to reach the target of 27% of the electricity produced nationally being derived from renewable sources of energy.


In 2011, Algeria adopted a wide-ranging development programme for renewable energies and energy efficiency (PEREE). The programme was updated in 2015 and aims to produce 22,000 MW of electricity from renewable sources by 2030, over 60 percent of which (13,575 MW) would be of photovoltaic solar origin. As part of the national effort, the Renewable Energies Development Center aims to create a test laboratory for photovoltaic modules based on two main areas: certification of photovoltaic modules and control and monitoring of photovoltaic power plants.

Requested CTCN Response

To support the creation of a laboratory to test photovoltaic modules, as well as a training course for at least two members of the project at an organization specializing in the certification of photovoltaic modules.

Relevant Technologies and Approaches

Expected Results

This technical assistance will contribute to the effective implementation of the national programme on renewable energies, both in terms of quality control and the successful production of electricity from renewable energy sources. It will give the country access to its own certification body, the laboratory will also provide assistance to the Algerian Standards Institute in developing standards suitable for the climatic conditions in the country or in amending existing international standards. 

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Centre de Développement des Energies Renouvelables
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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