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Design of an ecological response and restoration platform against fires for the Chilean silvo-farming sector


Chile has faced enormous fires affecting its biodiversity, forestry, agriculture and livestock production activities, which a significant part of the population depends on. The magnitude of the emergency has highlighted the difficulties of dealing with this type of event as well as the need to collaborate with the agricultural production sector to begin restoration of natural landscapes and their socio-ecological fabric, while building a culture of prevention and improving the capacity to react and respond to similar events.

Requested CTCN Response

•    Developing and launching a knowledge communication platform with the potential to be replicated in areas at risk of fire in agricultural production zones
•    Identifying proactive stakeholders to be involved as example-setters or possible supporters of actions 
•    Designing a demonstrative, replicable and scalable knowledge-transfer model (socio-ecological technology)
•    Implementing and adjusting the knowledge-transfer model 
•    Including real-life examples in a training

Expected Results

A robust socio-eco-technological tool will encourage stakeholders to take part in the implementation of restoration and conservation actions.

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