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Conducting a Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and a Technology Action Plan (TAP) for the implementation of NDCs in Sierra Leone



Sierra Leone has been ranked as the most vulnerable nation after Bangladesh and Guinea Bissau to adverse effects of climate change. The population is highly vulnerable to climate change and due to high reliance to rain fed agriculture and natural resources-based livelihoods which are hard hit by the result of the associated global temperature increase. This is despite that the country's greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) are negligible. Thus, the country needs to plan accordingly and integrate climate change planning across its sectors.

The country’s NDC aims to transition to low emissions development involving decoupling carbon emissions from economic growth through a series of measures across all economic sectors. The main sector of focus includes the energy sector where the strategies include ensuring a fair, equitable, sustainable supply and distribution of electricity for development.

CTCN Support

Technical guidance and support to Sierra Leone to conduct a sectoral technology needs assessment and develop a technology action plan.

Expected Results

The sectoral TNA will complement the national processes and enable technology transfer to aid in the realization of the country's climate change and development strategies. This technical assistance will also greatly contribute to the establishment of a coordination mechanism amongst the UNFCCC focal point as well as other key climate stakeholders within the country. The anticipated outcomes are envisioned to present strategies for long-term, participatory transformational measures across the identified and prioritized sectors that will drive climate resilience and low carbon growth.