Building capacity for the Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (ELCA)


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Currently, industry in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been rapidly developing and, in this course, many quantities of contaminants are sent out to the environment and emissions of greenhouse gas have increased, which could cause damage of the ecological environment.  Introducing and utilizing the Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (ELCA) across the country which a priority in protecting the country’s environment and decreasing the impacts of climate change. The ELCA evaluates environmental factors and potential effects of a product life cycle from cradle to grave. However, there is a lack of Korean experts who are trained to conduct the assessment, relevant information and tools, and public awareness, which are considered  vital to ensure successful utilization of the ELCA.

CTCN Support

To establish a national product life cycle assessment system and environmentally evaluate enterprising entities, in order to mitigate climate change and ensure a cleaner manufacturing atmosphere and credit rating of enterprises.

Expected Impact

•    Human resources that enable the establishment of the ELCA system on a nationwide scale 

•    Exact identification of emissions quota in factories and enterprises; scientific-technical management of the environment; and international certificate of environment for products and the process

•   Creationof an educational system for training experts in the ELCA field and organization of an expert team, whichcan contribute to building capacity for life cycle assessment

•   Government and industry decision makers more informed on environmental risks posed by specific industrial activities.



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