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Building capacity for climate change science

This technical assistance advances the following Sustainable Development Goals: 

Quality education

Goal 4: Quality education
Quality education

Climate action

Goal 13: Climate action
Climate action

Partnerships for the goals

Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals
Partnerships for the goals

This Technology Transfer Advances Swaziland's

  • Nationally Determined Contribution to strengthen the country's technology capacity building and skills training and to "participate in research, pilot projects and planning and implementation actions".


Though Swaziland is experiencing the impacts of climate change, its civil society has a relatively low awareness of climate change issues. Moreover, climate change is not currently being adequately entrenched into NGO activities. Education, training and public awareness are critical to effectively engage civil society in climate change adaptation and mitigation work.

Requested CTCN Response

  • Development and printing of a training manual contextualized to Swaziland situation on climate change management
  • Training workshop for civil society based on the training manual
  • Training workshop on Swaziland's Nationally Determined Contributions and how civil society can align its activities to this document
  • One day training session on development of proposals and possible source of funding and related requirements for projects scale-up
  • Publication/printing of training materials

Relevant Technologies and Approaches

Expected Results

  • Improved awareness of climate change issues and Swaziland's NDC among civil society members
  • Availability of training materials for the country to continue creating awareness in future using those materials
  • At least 100 people trained on climate change issues, at least one training manual produced and 100 copies printed

For further information, please see the full technical assistance request in the Documents section.

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