Deliverable to the CTCN Technical Assistance on Scaling up sustainable wood fuel (charcoal and firewood) systems in the Pwani, Lindi and Mtwara regions of Tanzania.

This document presents results of a situation analysis of woodfuel (charcoal and firewood) in Mtwara, Lindi and Pwani regions in Tanzania all together referred to as the Coastal region. The situation analysis also involved planning aimed at making woodfuel sustainable from a systems perspective that considers production of wood, wood processing into charcoal, transport and trade/marketing and utilizations and cross cutting issues such as regulations and gender. The process applied the Stakeholder Approach to Risk-informed and Evidence based Decisionmaking (SHARED) methodology. The priority interventions identified for sustainable woodfuel systems include;  (i) awareness raising and capacity development, (ii) implementation of sound innovations, (iii) effective impacts monitoring systems and (iv) a sound coordinated policy framework. Strategies for awareness raising,  communication and capacity building are also presented. Stakeholders participation in context analysis and planning brings a desired common vision for sustainable woodfuel that connects the different components of the system.

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