Since its inception, the Technology Mechanism has effectively linked climate technology supply and demand. It provides both technical assistance and financial support to countries in demand. As the system grows more complex, it becomes crucial to enhance the abilities of climate technology experts. To initiate this systematic change, involving various climate tech stakeholders is key to fostering an inclusive climate technology network.

To empower diverse climate response stakeholders and enrich their understanding of climate technology, CTCN, and UNITAR CIFAL Jeju have jointly hosted a capacity-building workshop. This workshop aimed to amplify the facilitation and inclusivity of the climate technology ecosystem, its dissemination, and implementation. The spotlight was on developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Tailored for government officials, private sector representatives, and civic group members engaged in climate technology decisions, development, deployment, and financing, this learning opportunity was crafted to enhance their capacity and knowledge of climate technology. Participants had delved into the Climate Technology Framework of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement Mechanism, gaining comprehensive insights into their components. Beyond theoretical knowledge-sharing, the participants received practical guidance and strategies to further apply these concepts to their work.

This program book serves as the Online Capacity-Building Workshop Outcome Report. 

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