Enhancing Inclusivity and Accessibility to Climate Technologies for All: UNITAR CIFAL Jeju and CTCN Foster Global Collaboration

the participants of the two-day workshop.

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[Online, September 2023] – UNITAR CIFAL Jeju and the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) came together in a groundbreaking initiative, hosting a comprehensive international capacity-building workshop. This educational initiative aimed to empower developing countries by expanding their access to climate technologies, providing them with the tools necessary to combat the pressing climate crisis on a local level.

The two-day workshop, designed to cater to government officials, private sector representatives, and civic group members involved in climate technology decision-making, development, deployment, and financing, witnessed a successful turnout. With 650 enthusiastic participants representing 93 countries, the event captured the global resonance of the climate technology discourse.

In addition to providing an introduction to the Technology Mechanism of the Paris Agreement, the participants were exposed to innovative policy tools, including social marketing techniques aimed at catalyzing behavioral change. By nurturing this international workshop for knowledge exchange, (UNITAR) CIFAL Jeju and CTCN aspired to equip the participants with the insights needed to drive change and address climate challenges head-on.

Welcoming the diverse assembly of participants, Byung Hwa CHUNG, Director of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) CIFAL Jeju, emphasized the pivotal role of the dialogue.

"This dialogue," he remarked, "guides our efforts to facilitate the development and dissemination of climate technologies. It is our collective endeavor to ultimately contribute to the overarching goals of climate change mitigation and adaptation."

In particular, two sessions devoted to multiple stakeholders brought together 4 professionals who shared their personal definitions of climate technology and the perceived benefits associated with its adoption. These sessions served as dynamic platforms for participants to openly discuss challenges, potential breakthroughs, and ideas concerning the widespread integration of climate technologies.

In addition, the workshop showcased the WIPO Green Database and the Climate Technology Information System from the Republic of Korea as instrumental tools for building bridges between the global community and these innovative climate technologies.

Mr. Rajiv Garg, CTCN Director a.i, extending his warm greetings to the participants, expressed his optimism. "From lectures to practical experiences," he said, "we hope that participants will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to apply these solutions in a democratic and inclusive manner when facing local challenges in their future civil service and career endeavors."

Upon successful completion of all requirements, participants were awarded a Certificate of Completion and Participation, jointly issued by UNITAR CIFAL Jeju and the United Nations Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN).

This collaborative effort between UNITAR CIFAL Jeju and the United Nations Climate Technology Centre and Network, we move one step closer to fostering global collaboration.

The Enhancing Inclusivity and Accessibility to Climate Technologies For All: Program Book & Conversation With Multi-Stakeholders is available here

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