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XPS Foam Board

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XPS is an extruded polystyrene insulation manufactured through a plastic extrusion process. The resulting boards are almost 100% closed cell, strong, highly moisture resistant and easy to cut and shape.

XPS is particularly indicated for places where a high mechanic resistance is required. Its resistance to water and compression make it the ideal insulation solution for extreme conditions. Moreover, it is very easy to install and offers a high performance thermal insulation for your building. XPS foam board widely used in wall insulation, low-temperature storage facilities, parking platform, the airport runway, construction of concrete roof and the structure of the roof, highways and other areas of moisture-proof inexpensive decoration industry Material.

Stable performance and anti-aging: The extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation boards can be used 35-50 years.

Resistance to compression: Compared with other thermal insulation material(200Kpa for EPS), it has better compressive strength(around 300Kpa for 38kg/m3, 650Kpa for 60kg/m3), which make it the ideal solution for heavy domestic or industrial loads, in floors, roofs or in panels.

Water resistance: Polyfoam is almost 100% closed cell and as such is unaffected by moisture

Lightweight: Volume optimization and easy to handle

Resistance to deformation

Resistance to impact

Versatile: The closed cell structure and density of Polyfoam allow specific edge details and surface finishes to be cut into the boards to make them as fit for the job as possible. Moreover, Polyfoam can be cut into almost any shape

Ozone friendly: Free of CFC.

Recyclable: Polyfoam can be 100% recyclable. As the material does not degrade it can be either recycled or re-used when the application requiring Polyfoam no longer requires the product. Whether for long term application in buildings or recyclable materials, Polyfoam is a sound environmental choice.

Density: 35~65kg/m3
Length of the board: < =6000mm
Width of the board: < =1200mm
Thickness of the board: 6~100mm
Density: 38~40 Kg/m3
Thermal conductivity, 90 days, 10° C: 0.027~0.03 W/mK
Compressive strength at 10% deflection or yield, (vertical): ≥ 300 kPa
Tensile strength: ≥ 300 kPa
Water absorption: < =1.00% Vol-%
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion: 0.07 mm/mK
Temperature limits: -50°C, + 75°C

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