Wind energy: Mid-Size Wind Turbine "KWT300" (300kW)


KWT300: Highly Reliable Mid-Sized Wind Turbine


KOMAIHALTEC Inc. has a long history of designing and building bridges and has done a tremendous amount of research on wind effects on structures. Based on this, they have developed a reliable wind turbine called KWT300.

The KWT300 is designed to be highly resistant to gusts, lightning, and earthquakes. Transportation and installation of the compact KWT300 are easy. It is best used for remote communities with power generation by diesel fuel, which is expensive and is the largest source of CO2 emission in those communities.

By integrating wind energy to the existing diesel power generation system, it will dramatically reduce the fuel usage as well as CO2 emission. KWT300 is also suitable for supplying clean energy to factories, schools and other facilities.


Major Features and Advantages

I. Easy Transportation & Installation

Major wind turbine companies today are mainly manufacturing larger systems (i.e. 2,000kW and 3,000kW) and not mid-sized systems (100kW to 600kW). The KWT300 is a rare mid-sized system, which generates 300kW. Transportation and installation of the KWT300 are easy. The entire system can be transported by a 10-ton truck, and the system can be installed in a narrow space, using a small 60-ton crane. Large trailers are not needed. The compact size allows the system to be built on premises of existing facilities. The system is especially useful in remote areas with limited access to fuel, and it will secure power supply while reducing the use of other types of energy such as diesel.



II. High Resistance to Wind, Lightning & Earthquakes

The KWT300 is highly resistant to wind. The maximum wind speed that the system resists is 70m/s, which is higher than the speed most other European models can resist. The turbulence parameter of the KWT300 is greater than the highest level of the International Electric Committee (IEC) standard. The system is also protected from lightning. The KWT300 meets the requirement of both Japanese and world standards for lightning protection. Besides, the risk of damage from an earthquake is minimal. The system offers two different levels of earthquake protection depending on the characteristics of the region and ground conditions.

The system was originally designed to be used in Japan, but has also been installed and used in other places including Mexico, Bhutan and Kamchatka. KOMAIHALTEC Inc. hopes to promote this technology worldwide to ensure a stable, long-term supply of electricity to help local communities.


Technology Data

Conceivable applications

1) To supply electricity to a community electricity grid for a hybrid operation of wind turbine and other existing power stations (usually with diesel generators).

2) To supply electricity to existing facilities such as factories, schools, resorts facilities, and others. These facilities can use wind energy when wind is blowing and can buy electricity from the existing electric company when the wind generated energy production is not enough to meet the electricity demand.


Competitive advantage

Our product is one of very few high-spec mid-size wind turbines available in the world. Major wind turbine manufacturers now concentrate on much larger systems (i.e. 2000kW and 3000kW wind turbines) and no longer provide mid-size wind turbines (100kW to 600kW).

While most of the mid-size wind turbines are manufactured with the license of old European models, our wind turbine KWT300 are newly designed and equipped with all up-to-date wind turbine design. KWT300 is highly adaptable to the conditions of developing countries because of the following features:

1. Flexibility

Easy transportation

–All parts are transportable with 10 ton trucks (parts are compactly designed). They can be delivered to the site with poor road access.

Easy construction

–KWT300 can be installed with as small as 60 ton crane, which could enable the installation in narrow space and reduce the construction cost.

Various applications

–Because of its unique size, KWT300 can be used for a mid-size wind park, electric supply for existing facilities and community electricity.

2. Safety Design

Strong under extreme wind

–The survival wind speed is 70m/s, which is higher than many other European models.

Stable under unstable wind

–KWT300 has set the turbulence parameter larger than the International Electric Committee (IEC) standard.

Best lightening protection system

–The best lightening protection system, defined by IEC.

High earthquake resistance

–KWT300 has two models; 300gal and 1000gal.



Rated capacity: 300kW

Starting generation at 3m/s wind speed

With 6.5m/s of annual average wind speed, one unit wind turbine generates 600MWh/year*, equivalent to the annual electricity use for 160 households.

*availability factor = 90%


Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

Prototype installed and operated since 2006.

December 2010: One unit and technical training service to wind energy technology center in Mexico, established by UNDP and Electric Research Institution of Mexico.

FY 2012: one unit installed for Mie University, Japan

FY 2013: second unit installed for Futtsu Plant, Japan

FY 2013: one unit installed for National Institute of Advanced Industrial and Science Technology, Japan


Conceivable risk

The constant maintenance is essential for a wind turbine to keep the operation safe. Although we plan to provide maintenance training to the local engineers, if the recommended maintenance services are not achieved, there will be a risk of major troubles.


Information on patent related to this technology

To be confirmed.


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