Water treatment (drinking water): Compact-Sized Desalination Device


Compact-Sized Desalination Device Designed for Portability



Y's Global Vision Inc. has created a compact-sized desalination device called MYZ Series™ that is lightweight, small and portable for use on construction sites and cramped remote areas. It’s also ideal for emergency situations where clean drinking water is imperative. Y’s Global Vision Inc. specializes in manufacturing and selling water purification machines.

The company’s latest offering is the MYZ Series - portable desalination machines that can purify seawater and other contaminants such as Metal, Arsenic, harmful chemicals and removes 99.99% viruses and bacteria.

This desalination machine has been found to be in accordance with Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare tests for safe drinking water. There are many different sizes, depending on the needs of the user. The typical installation type is the E-100 (capable of producing 100litres of safe and good tasting fresh water per hour), with larger versions available at 250litres, 500litres, 1,000litres and 1,500litres.


Major Features and Advantages

I. Compact and lightweight

The MYZ Series E-40H is small and compact, allowing it to fit in a variety of locations, such as tight quarters in a disaster site or even construction site. It is also lightweight, weighing just 27 kg (60lbs). This means it is simple to travel with and can easily be loaded onto small trucks to remote islands, deep mountains, small boats, and others.




II. Emergency-ready

Due to its small size and light weight, the desalination machine can be utilized quickly in the event of an emergency. It can even be used on boats at sea that have encountered a dire problem with safe drinking water.

III. Cost efficient

This equipment can be purchased for one-third the price of other similar products in Japan. With each litre costing only five cents, this option represents the most cost efficient solution for consumers. Our company believes no other product can equal our devices at the same level of service and performance.

IV. Taste

The MYZ Series water purifiers does not only make safer water for those who need it, but it also produces water that tastes great. This machine is able remove salt as much as 0.0%, making possible to purify other sources such as rivers, swimming pool, rainwater, ponds and the like.

V. Customization

Y’s Global Vision Inc.’s MYZ Series has been exported to Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and South Africa. With MYZ desalination machines, each one can be configured according to our customer’s specification.


Technology Data

Conceivable Applications

Y’s Global Vision Inc. has developed and manufactured several portable desalination machines. Our MYZ Series™ can purify seawater as well as other water sources. It can even purify water that contains Metal, Arsenic, harmful chemicals and removes 99.99% viruses and bacteria. Our modest-sized E-40H is portable (only 27kg), so it’s versatile for emergency readiness, and it’s even suitable for providing drinking and utility water for most types of boats. Also, the compact size makes it helpful for installation at construction sites to secure drinking and utility water near the river, lake or ocean. Our desalination machine has passed Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare tests for safe drinking water.




Competitive Advantage

We value customer feedback, with the inputs from our valued customer, we have matured our product’s overall performance and value above our competitors.

  1. Cost efficient: Priced at one-third of the main Japanese competitors’ cost. Each litre runs at approximately five cents per litre. Products at the same price exist, but none can match or exceed what our product can supply in terms of the amount of purified water and its taste.
  2. Size: Proprietarily developed RO housing enables us to produce more compact-sized and lightweight devices. For instance, MYZ E-40H, is our most portable desalination machine. It weighs only 27kg (60lbs), including its case. It’s easy to travel with, and it can even be loaded onto small trucks. It’s easy to bring to remote islands, into deep mountains, onto small boats, and so on. The product is offered in various sizes as well.
  3. Performance: The MYZ Series™ produce safer and good tasting water, removing salt as much as 0.0%. Water sources includes seawater, rivers, rain water, swimming pools, deep-well, brackish water and the like. It can even purify water that contains Metal, Arsenic, harmful chemicals and removes 99.99% viruses and bacteria. Approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

In addition, our products are customizable.

Our continuous corporate efforts result in greater customer satisfaction.



One of our best seller is E-100 that produces 100L/H(LPH). We also have larger versions at 250LPH, 500LPH, 1000LPH and 1500LPH.

MYZ series E-100

<Desalination rate>: 99.9%

<Water purification amount>

Seawater: 100L (26.4 US gallon) / hour  

Tap water: 200L (52.8 US gallon) / hour

<Water purification ratio>

Seawater:  30% drinking water, 70% brine water

Tap water:  60% drinking water, 40% waste water

<Size>: W700 D450 H410

<Weight>: 75kg

<Continuous operation>: 10 hours

As shown in the test report below, No.36 sodium is 11.9mg per litre, which means the desalination rate is 99.9988%.

Water content test report


Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

Sales Quantity:

MYZ series



40 units

Japan=27, Philippines=7, Indonesia=2, Thailand=1, Laos=1, Vietnam=1, Sri Lanka=1



30 units

Philippines=16, Japan=8, Indonesia=3, Papua New Guinea=3



4 units

South Africa=4



4 units

South Africa=4


Exported to Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and South Africa


-MYZ station on Olango Island in the Philippines-

A water treatment plant project called the MYZ station was launched.

Y’s Global Vision Inc. provides safe, fresh, and good tasty water at a low price to people who live with water shortages. Sharing the profits with a distributor makes it possible to solve the water problem with NO funds required from developing countries. 


Conceivable risk

Rust—–As this machine is used around seawater, users need to be careful about rust. To prevent rust, clean with fresh water completely after every use.


Contact person

Mr. Yoshifumi Yanase

Email: [email protected]

URL: http://ysgv.jp/en/corporation-product/op

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