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Venous Industrial Processing Technology (Functional Material for Water Purification, Deodorization, and Soil Decontamination or Improvement: CircuLite)


Production of Multi-functional Composite Material ‘CircuLite’ via Proprietary Recycling System of Unused Resources

Sion Corporation has developed to synthesize a new inorganic functional composite material by recycling some components (mainly SiO2, Al2O3) of various unused resources. The recycled product has broad range of pore size distribution and ion exchange capacity derived from its compounded properties. This multi-functional composite material was named ‘CircuLite’. It has multiple potential applications as environmental solutions for typical three pollution; air, water and soil.


Fig. 1 Images of CircuLite (product)



Fig. 2 Devices applying CircuLite (left: deodorizer, right: water purification)

Major Features and Advantages

Environmental aspects
・Reduction of the volume of ash waste disposal as CircuLite can also be used as soil conditioner.

Technical aspects
・Availability to various raw materials (classified correctly) for CircuLite
Group A: Plant residue: rice husk, bagasse, malt, straw etc.
   Group B: Industrial waste: paper sludge, coal ash, etc.


Fig. 3 Raw material of CircuLite: coal ash, rice husk ash, bagasse ash


Product performance aspects
CircuLite has broad range of pore size and two major functions; Physical Adsorption and Chemical Adsorption (to be explained later).

Economical aspects
・Low cost, high quality and multiple market
・Cheaper than conventional active carbon. As totally evaluation, cheaper than conventional active carbon. However, it requires to confirm the contents of solution in detail for providing better environmental, economically, and efficiency proposal to user.

Technology Data

Possible applications

First of all, we would like to focus on contribution to Zero hunger in the world by our technology. Especially, we believe that CircuLite will provide concrete results and mitigate unsolved emergency issues in the Agricultural Soil Sector in developing countries as below.

  1. Improve Physical Property of Soil:
    Prevent outflow of fertilizer from existing soil to ground water, soil contamination (harmful heavy metal, agrochemicals) and disproportion of soil, and increase water-holding capacity.


  2. Improve Chemical Property of Soil:
    Prevent salt damage, replant failure and soil acidification.


  3. Increase Organic Carbon Content: Available to add it on CircuLite.

Note: To make these issues possible, we need some partners who can administrate to manage soil analysis and diagnosis.

Competitive advantage

1. Investment aspect: Provide a Supportive Service

  • Initial cost: Manufacturing facilities for CircuLite are extremely simple and standard.  
  • Basically, as we would like to suggest the best business plan for reduction of the product cost and convenient maintenance, we support to search some kind of machinery manufactures where we get facilities at low price as close to the planed site as possible. That is our basic idea.
  • Manufacturing cost: Water, electricity, heat source: Waste heat recovery is the best method in terms of cost, environment and chemicals. We support to investigate these prices with local members in advance. Because that may depend on the region. It allows to calculate the cost, which can help to grasp a profitability of this project.

2. Technical aspect:

  • Recycling Technology: Technical correspondence to various kind of resources or waste as raw material of CircuLite.
  • Special skill: Available to produce white color product for cosmetic, sanitary products and related products, or other applications for various market.

 3. Performance aspect:

  • Heat resistant temperature: approximately 450℃
  • Acid resistance: approximately pH≦4
  • Alkali resistance: approximately pH≧12 .
  • CEC: Controllable according to applications.
  • Pore size distribution: Broad 0.4 nm -120 nm
    Note: Each condition may change depending on resources. CircuLite is not appropriate for molecular sieve.

4. Price
According to the price on these items, please inquire to us by e-mail. E-mail:


CircuLite has widely been used as adsorbents and ion exchangers.

A: Physical Adsorption: Based on the Cavity and Porosity.
・Pore size distribution: Broad 0.4 nm -120 nm
・Average pore size:20〜50 μm *Depend on raw material
・Specific Surface area: 210 m2/g (N2)
・Particle size: 20 mm (LD) *Depend on resource.
・Heat-resistant: approximately 450 ℃
・Bulk specific gravity: approximately 0.6 g/ml
・Specific gravity: approximately 1.65 g/cm3 

B: Chemical Adsorption (based on the chemical composition)
・CEC: approximately max: 500 cmol(+)/kg
・pH: Controllable according to applications.
   ※Note (Result Value) : Coal Ash Based

Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

Results of the project of applying proprietary technology as a business: 2 projects
Domestic – 01 Fly Ash Based: Electric Power Company Production Capacity: 3,000 ton/y – for 10yrs.
Overseas – 01 Rice Hull Ash Based: Waste Disposal Company Production Capacity: 1,000 ton/y – for 6yrs.

This proprietary technology has progressed in these last few decades in some aspect such as performance, cost, application range and safety.

Information on patent related to this technology

Note: On the process of being patented

Contact person

Mr. Shunsuke KUMAGAI
Email: [email protected]
TEL: +81-3-6809-5286
Corporate website:


Technology owners:

Sion Corporation