Vacuum system in Östermalmshallen

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A vacuum system handles the waste in Östermalm’s food market hall. The waste is transported via pipelines by means of under pressure to a storage unit and later to a biogas installation. With this system, waste is no longer a problem, but a resource.

Östermalmshallen, a traditional food market hall in central Stockholm, has installed a vacuum waste system which removes the huge amounts of waste generated in the market hall. With this system all manual handling has been eliminated and the waste is turned into an important environmental resource. The waste is thrown into conveniently located inlets and then transported via pipelines by means of under pressure (partial vacuum) to a refrigerated storage unit in the basement. In the storage unit, thick sludge is formed, which later is emptied by a suction truck and transported to a biogas installation. This is a solution which is sustainable both environmentally and financially. The system has also improved the working conditions in the market hall. The waste inlets have been comfortably integrated in the work stations and hence improved the hygienic level in both the counter and the waste storage room. And as the system is hermetically sealed, waste will not attract pests or insects, nor release any unpleasant odors. More advantages of the Envac Kitchen Waste System • Valuable space can be freed up in the kitchen. At the same time, waste food handling is kept completely separate from the handling of fresh ingredients. • The storage area does not need specially tiled and air conditioned waste rooms. • Waste is processed automatically (by grinding and removing moisture) to make it easier to handle. • System capacity is optimized with regard to estimated quantity of waste and pickup frequency. • The installation is compliant with the very strictest HACCP hygiene requirements. • The cost of the investment is rapidly paid back, thanks to lower operation and maintenance costs and better use of space in the kitchen facilities.

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Envac AB
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Stockholm Cleantech, Östermalmstorg 1, 114 42 Stockholm, 070 24 61 844, [email protected]

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