Solar Pump System with Direct Current Drive Pump


Small Scale Water Supply Facility through Solar Pump System with Direct Current Drive Pump



Our solar pump directly utilizes Direct Current (DC) power generated by the solar panel without any intermediate conversion into Alternating Current (AC). The pump offers a built-in automatic control function and protection device, and has unparalleled features due to (i) low cost, (ii) high durability, and (iii) simplicity of construction work, due to the direct utilization of DC power. Our technology can be used in rural area with low costs.



Major Features and Advantages

I. Low Cost

Utilization of DC pump makes the expensive inverter unnecessary

II. High Durability

Simple structure without generators nor inverters, which are easy to break down

III. Simplicity of Construction Work

Product design is simple enough to install


Technology Data

Possible Applications

The technology is useful for pumping water from wells in un-electrified areas, and also reducing works for fetching and transportation of water for daily lives.

< Examples >



Settlement Site in Senegal; “KININE”



Settlement Site in Senegal; “RONE DEUK”



Competitive advantage

Our technology has mainly the following competitive advantages due to its simple structure of pump and whole system;

  1. Low Construction Cost
  2. Capability to Operate Immediately after Piping and Installation
  3. Durability (Actually demonstrated for about 7-10 years or more in domestic use)
  4. Easy Maintenance (Recoverable by only flushing the internal sand with water, to replace mechanical seal every 8,000 hour for preventing water leakage of the shaft seal part)


By the introduction of the system, the suction lift can reach up to 7m. The system has also a function to detect water shortage in the well and protect the pump.


Direct Current Solar-Powered Pumping System (DC 12/24V Pump-mounted Type (PT-80DC)


Technical Maturity / Past Record of Introduction

Sales quantity for recent years is as follows;

  • 6 in 2015
  • 15 in 2016
  • 20 in 2017
  • 30 in 2018


Contact person

Environmental Systems Sales Dept.

E-mail: [email protected]

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