Solar energy: Photovoltaic Module / Solar Hybrid System


Off-Grid & Battery-Free Solar Photovoltaic Diesel Hybrid System



Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems require sunlight to generate power. On days without sunlight, conventional systems rely on their batteries and/or electrical grids to make up for the power shortage. Unlike these systems, the system proposed by KYOCERA Corporation allows solar modules to be used without batteries. Instead of using batteries, the company proposes to combine PV modules with diesel generators or other renewable energy sources. In this system, output from the PV module is controlled to keep the minimum operation level of diesel generators, allowing the system to operate efficiently as a whole.


Major Features and Advantages

I. Durability

The lifetime of the PV module is 20 years. The system has passed both durability and efficiency tests conducted by third parties indicating that performance is promising. The company assures 20-year performance of the entire system with degradation level of 20% or less.

II. No Batteries Required

The key part of this technology is the system controller which controls the output of the solar module. When diesel generators are combined with the solar module, the output of the solar module is controlled low enough to keep the diesel generators operating at their minimum operation level. This avoids inefficient diesel generator operation and enables the system to operate efficiently without batteries. With conventional hybrid systems, the capacity of the PV module has to be limited to around 10% of the diesel generator capacity. However with KYOCERA Corporation’s system, solar modules with a capacity of up to 50-60% of the diesel generators can be installed (e.g. DG 500kW : PV 250-300kW).




KYOCERA Corporation has 25 years of experience in photovoltaic operation and has been distributing their systems with different capacities worldwide. The company’s systems have been used in various projects and are highly appreciated in areas with unstable weather conditions.


Technology Data

Conceivable applications

Solar Hybrid system with other renewable energy / Diesel Generator

We can provide Solar Hybrid System with other renewable energy or Diesel Generator.

The key technologies are 1. Reliable and Durable PV modules and 2. Electrical control of hybrid system.

1. Reliable and Durable Solar PV

Based upon over 25 years PV operation records, we can assure a long lifetime with high efficiency for 20 years. Our product has also passed the severe durability and efficiency testing by the third parties in Japan.

2. Hybrid Solar System without batteries

We can integrate our Solar system with other renewable energy and/or Diesel Generators. For the hybrid system of the Solar and Diesel Generator, we can propose a system without batteries. The system controller monitors demand and diesel generation to keep minimum operation level of diesel gensets by controlling of PV output. And our proposal doesn’t need a modification of existing Diesel Generators.

Solar Power Generation System

We have an experience with a wide range of projects overseas from mega solar to 100kW class, even small scale projects for electrification in off-grid areas.


Competitive advantage

1. Durability, High Efficiency

We can assure 20-year performance of the entire solar system under the condition that the degradation level is below 20%.




2. Hybrid System

Diesel and PV hybrid system : 

The ratio of “Diesel : Solar” is “1:0.5-0.6” is available with controller. 

No batteries are required for this system.

Base load renewable energy and PV hybrid system : 

AC link with safety protection. (e.g. Hydro, Biomass etc.)



1. PV module*

   Maximum power (Pmax)  265W+5%, -3%)
   Maximum power voltage(Vpm)  31.0V
   Maximum power current (Ipm)  8.55A
   Open circuit voltage (Voc)  38.3V
   Short circuit current (Isc)  9.26A
   Maximum system voltage  1000V
   Module efficiency  16.1%
   Series fuse rating  15A
   Reduction of efficiency (from 1000W/m2 to 200W/m2)  3.3%
   Dimension  1662 x 990 x 46 mm
   Weight  19.0kg

*We can provide various types of PV modules other than above.

2. Hybrid System**

Diesel and PV hybrid system:

  The ratio of “Diesel : Solar” is “1 : 0.5~0.6”, (which could be attained) with a controller.

  The system doesn’t need batteries.

Base load renewable energy and PV hybrid system :

  AC link with safety protection.

**Suitable system capacity depends on the project.

Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

Kyocera has supplied the photovoltaic power generation systems with a capacity of 3,000kW or more, (not only within Japan, but also) to the outside of Japan.

In most projects with a capacity of less than 1MW, we have introduced photovoltaic power generation systems without batteries.



Conceivable risk

Specifications of PV modules will be changed, based on the level of manufacturing tech progress.

Cost efficiency varies, depending on climate situation, fuel cost and installation situations.


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