PV and PVT solar panels Manufacturing


Millennium Electric T.O.U. Ltd. is a manufacturer and world leader in the field of PV/PVT solar technologies. The company provides EPC service - Building operation and maintenance of Solar PV/PVT Power Stations and has installed 28MW worldwide. Millennium has a capacity of 300MW for manufacturing PV panels of high efficiency per year. Millennium has developed three unique PV technologies. 1. PVT collector which enables up to 30% more PV electrical production than usual PV system 2. MSS Co-Generation station - combines solar PVT with steam electricity coming from the PVT collectors 3. Black on Black PV panels with 19% efficiency using graphite bus bars.


Higher solar power generation efficiency than other sources such as graphite bars.; Proven record of commercial use

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Millennium Electric T.O.U. Ltd.