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Production Enhancement: Takino Filter Growing Mats


Unique Erosion Control Technology and Environmental Restoration Vegetation Mats

Our greening mats prevent soil erosion for civil engineering projects aiming to repair and green the bare slopes that are found in public works projects handling natural disasters, resource development and infrastructure maintenance.
The mats improve the soil environment which is highly correlated with plant growth while simultaneously preventing soil erosion. This protects the soil and achieves lasting greening.








Major Features and Advantages

  • Lightweight roll-shaped material is easy to handle and does not require heavy equipment.
  • Prevents slope and soil erosion in heavy rainfall.
  • Radiative cooling allows absorption of night dew, protecting the soil from drought.
  • Insulation from the sheets prevents freezing and frost heave collapse.
  • Coverage from the sheets prevents sand from blowing in areas with strong winds.
  • Can be applied to river embankments and dammed reservoirs, for revetment protection and greening of waterfronts.


Technology Data

Possible applications

Please refer to the following application examples and the case photos by each application.












Competitive advantage

Other general soil erosion mat models are designed and manufactured to be heavy, preventing erosion by holding down the top soil with their own weight.

Therefore, the material is hard, and gaps occur on the ground against the unevenness of the slope during construction, allowing erosion to occur.

On the other hand, our product, which is composed of a water repellent non-woven polyester structure (web) with a porosity of 98%, is very light and flexible, and can be evenly mounted even on uneven slope surfaces.

At the same time, its high porosity enables rainwater to easily flow down through the surface and web with low flow resistance, meaning that rainwater drains smoothly.

The function of this web structure was quantitatively evaluated in 2017 by the American Association for Corrosion Control erosion control mat evaluation methods (ASTM standards). The high-water retention not found in other currently existing materials was confirmed to be useful for vegetation.

This product proved superior in terms of economy, process, quality, finish, safety, and environmental effects when compared to the conventional method (spraying) at the New Technology Application Evaluation Conference of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. It is designated as a technology that should be promoted and registered in the new technology provision system, “NETIS (New Technology Information System).”



A quantitative evaluation was conducted in 2017 based on the United States Erosion Prevention Association erosion control mat evaluation methods (ASTM standard).

Reliability tests were performed at an inclination angle of 18 degrees, a slope of 13m and rainfalls of both 50 and 100mm/hr. Over a test period of 20 minutes, tests showed no accumulation of turbid water. Absorption rates of 3200%, germination rates of 113-140%, and plant growth rates of 200-270% were also recorded.

In terms of durability, the mats were shown to retain a tensile strength of 90% or more after irradiation with a xenon lamp for 500 hours, and can be used effectively for at least 3 years under direct sunlight in the field.

These qualities meet or exceed standards set by existing products, made both in company and by competitors.


Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

In 2018
Total sales volume: 1,227,347 m2,
Domestic sales amounts: 882,696,940 JPY
Oversea sales amounts: 5,381,140 JPY
Details of overseas sales:
– Philippines / 6,600m2 / 3,250K JPY / model SP-45wn, SP-45, SP-60
– Taiwan / 1,250m2 / 890 JPY / model SP-45wn
– Honduras / 2,600m2 / 1,300K JPY / model SP-45 etc

In 2017
Total sales volume: 1,045,096 m2,
Domestic sales amounts: 790,720,560 JPY
Oversea sales amounts: 292,818 JPY
Details of overseas sales:
– Indonesia / 293K JPY / materials

In 2016
Total sales volume: 1,015,040 m2,
Domestic sales amounts: 633,377,276 JPY
Oversea sales amounts: 24,379,445 JPY
Details of overseas sales:
– Indonesia / 38,000m2 / 18,500K JPY / model SP-60    
– Bhutan / 500m2 / 200K JPY / model SP-45
– East Timor / 2,000m2 / 1,000K JPY / model SP-60


Information on patent related to this technology

Japan Patent: P4322953


Contact person

Mr. Hiroyuki SHIGA                       
E-mail: [email protected]
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