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Organic waste treatment: KID system


Microbial Systems That Compose More Than 99% of the Material

NIHONHAKKO Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells garbage disposal machines, decomposition machines, microorganisms, and environmental improvement systems. Its latest advancement is KID System, which is a technology that eliminates garbage, food waste, manure/urine/sludge, as well as dried sludge. It achieves this through the targeted use of microorganisms and stirrers. Unique microbial systems have the ability to decompose and remove more than 99 percent of the material.

This technology can also produce feed and fertilizer. Because no incineration is required, there is no emission of dangerous pollutants like ash or contaminants that can pose a health and safety risk. Not only is KID System easy to operate, it’s got a low operating cost associated with it. This makes it a simple to use, cost efficient technology that the company would ideally wish to export in regards to completed products, eventually having local partners trained in assembling and maintaining whole systems on their own.

KID Systems is designed to decompose and eliminate the following through its unique system that uses microorganisms:

    Garbage and waste (produced in food factories)
    Manure/excreta plants
    Fruit and fish from local markets
    By-products from garbage disposal sites, catering centers, meat processing plants and other facilities



Major Features and Advantages

I. Decomposes waste completely

Competing products don’t have the ability to decompose waste, leaving 20 to 30 percent as residue which consequently must be flushed with water followed by drainage. This makes the process of scaling the product up very difficult. In addition, competing products cannot process oil and urine. KID System features none of those problems, producing little noise and vibration, with nearly no residue (99 percent decomposition). Plus, it’s easy to scale up.

II. No Production of Dioxin

Since the company does not have to burn the garbage, no dioxin is produced (a highly toxic compound created as a byproduct in some manufacturing processes – a very serious and persistent environmental pollutant).

III. Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

CO2 emission is reduced by 92 percent. This is the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activities.

IV. High Capacity for Performance

One unit of this product has the ability to process 1000 kg of waste per day.

V. Environmentally Friendly

With no waste to be added to the landfills, this technology is considered environmentally friendly. This is due in part to no need for residue disposal and no drainage required.

From cost efficiency to easy operation, this technology is sought after by many. NIHONHAKKO Co., Ltd. plans to sell the products directly from Japan without having to place staff on site; however, in the future, it plans to establish a sales office affiliate on site overseas.


Technology Data

Conceivable applications

Garbage and waste, which are produced in food factories, manure/excreta plants, fruit markets, fish markets, garbage disposal sites, catering centers, meat processing plants, and other facilities, are decomposed and eliminated through our unique system using microorganisms (which can also produce feed and fertilizer).

We have know-how to cultivate IWAO bacteria in developing countries. By using IWAO bacteria in processes for treating organic wastes in various facilities, more than 99% of the material can be decomposed and eliminated.






Competitive advantage

Technical Aspects: KID is state of the art technology in Japan.

Competing products can’t decompose waste completely, leaving 20-30% as residue, which must be flushed with water followed by a drainage process, which makes it difficult to scale the product up.

They also can’t process oil and urine. Our product has none of those problems. It produces little noise, vibration and order. It leaves almost no  residue (99% decomposition) and is easy to scale up.











  • Since we don’t have to burn the garbage, no dioxin is produced, and CO2 emission is reduced by 92.15%.
  • Since the microorganism system can decompose and eliminate more than 99% of the material, there is
     1. No residue disposal,
     2. No waste for the landfill,
     3. No drainage required.
  • One unit of this product can process 1000 kg of waste per day.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • By maintaining KID system once a year and charging IWAO bacteria once a week, it is possible to keep using KID system safely. 


Technical maturity

Product name: KID system
Units manufactured and sold: 7
It is state of the art technology in Japan. These are new technologies have been adopted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tsukiji market.


Information on patent related to this technology

To protect the secrecy of this technology, we have not obtained a patent.


Contact person

Representative Director and President: Junichiro Tsuneishi
Scientist: Ken Iijima
E-mail: [email protected]

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