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On-line boiler monitoring system

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High performance once-through boilers have a built-in communications function and it is possible to perform data communications with the maintenance office.
If any symptoms or anomalies occur on the boiler that may lead to failure, then the boiler itself connects to the office via a telephone line and reports the anomaly data.
Also, there are communications from the maintenance office to the boiler as appropriate and it is possible to collect data such as boiler efficiency and gain an understanding of the situation of the boiler operation.

Organisation providing the technology:
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Endorsing entity:

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


In general, boiler efficiency is reduced by up to 25% if soot from the combustion attaches to the boiler heating surface, and by up to around 5% if scale attaches inside the water tube.
It is possible to prevent falls in boiler efficiency and increases in GHG emissions by managing the trends in the situation of the boiler operation and taking appropriate actions.


By preempting boiler stops, it is possible to prevent falls in the rate of production facility operation and prevent production losses.


These communications make it possible to know the situation of soot and scale attachment to the boiler at its initial stages. It is therefore possible to avoid drops in efficiency by performing maintenance as appropriate.

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It is necessary to check the infrastructure and the laws related to communications in the country of installation.

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Countries where implemented:
South Korea

Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry,JAPAN
[email protected]

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Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.