Hydro power: Micro hydropower system (ultra-low head)


STREAM: A Micro Hydropower System

STREAM Micro hydropower system, a run-of-river micro-hydropower generating system, can generate electricity extremely well in ultra-low head situations. Because it is so compact and easy to install, it is a good match for areas of de-centralized power generation. Common installations for its use include; agricultural irrigation canals, waterways with regulated water discharge, water treatment plants, and power plants.

JAG SEABELL specializes in planning, designing, installing and managing Ultra Low-Head (ULH) Micro Hydro Power Systems that are able to generate electricity via effective use of low head water. Up until now, this hasn’t been readily recognized as an effective energy source. These solutions can help with; power industry, electric vehicles, support for rural electrification, agriculture, electric supply for emergency situations, and two-way electricity.

Through simple utilization of the water current, STREAM offers distinct advantages over existing hydropower systems. Conventional systems utilize a dam for water head (creating a vertical drop) and to contain an electricity-generating turbine. STREAM, on the other hand, takes energy from waterways using little to no water head (usually, three meters or less).




Major Features and Advantages

I. Easy to Install

STREAM is easy to install, usually taking just two days for installation and commission. All parts can be contained to one unit, resulting in a simple machine that can easily be installed and maintained by local workers.

II. Easy to Maintain

With an ease in routine maintenance, this technology does not require a lot of upkeep and oversight in order to run at optimal performance. Local workers can be trained quickly and simply in its maintenance routine.




III. Low Off-Time Operation

STREAM enjoys a relatively low off-time operation of 85% to 90% annual utilization rate.

IV. Electricity Generation in Ultra-Low Head Environments

One of the most critical technical competencies of this technology is that it is able to generate electricity in an ultra-low head environment. Its output range is currently at 0.5kW-44kW, with extensive testing completed to ensure stable power output in a variety of terrains and conditions.

V. Decreased Civil Work

Compared with conventional small hydro power schemes, there is no need for power channel, power house or penstock delivery. This reduced the large amount of civil work necessary for projects, resulting in a drastic time and money savings.

Since its initial exposure to the market in 2008, Seabell has installed more than 20 units throughout Japan, with a pilot installation in North India.


Technology data

Conceivable applications

STREAM is a run-of-river micro-hydropower generating system that can generate electricity especially in ultra-low head situations. Due to compact and ease in installation (typically two day installation and commissioning days in Japan), the system is especially suited for de-centralized power generation.

Characteristic also concludes to ease in routine maintenance and relatively low off-time operation (85-90% annual utilization rate) Common installations are in agricultural irrigation canals, as well as waterways with regulated water discharge such as those in water treatment plants or power plants.


Competitive advantage

The key technical competency is it can generate electricity in an ultra low head environment. Also, unlike conventional small hydro power schemes, power channel, power house and penstock delivery are not necessary, eliminating vast amount of civil work from the project. Its output range (currently 0.5kW-44kW range) has been tested to ensure stable power output in various terrains and conditions.


0.5-44kW (installed capacity) generation from 0.5meters net head.

Technical maturity / Past record of introduction

Since its inception into micro hydropower sector in 2008, Seabell have installed over 20 units in Japan. It has also installed a pilot installation in North India.

Conceivable risk

The simplicity of the technology increase the risk of piracy

Generally other conceivable risks include that of hazard to the environment. However, due to its innate design, hazard risks to wildlife in waters can be well mitigated for both fish going upstream and downstream.

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