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Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plants

Wind turbine
Opportunities enabled:

Combined cycle power plants are based on combined cycle power generation technologies using both gas and steam turbines and are fueled by natural gas. A turbine is driven by the gas produced by burning the fuel, and the steam from the heat of the turbine exhaust is used to drive another turbine. The plant uses less fuel to obtain the same output from conventional plants, thus helping reduce CO2 emissions.

Organisation providing the technology:
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. (MHPS)

Energy saving: approx. 11,000 TJ/yr (LHV)CO2 reduction: approx. 620 ktCO2/yr(500MW power plant, 80% of capacity factor)(compared to single gas turbine)

  • Emissions of air pollutants (e.g. SOx, dust) per power generation (kWh) are lower (if compared to coal/oil-fired power plant)
  • Reduction of thermal effluent

High efficiency up to approx. 62% (LHV), achieved by high turbine inlet temperature (up to 1600 degrees C) and advanced cooling technology.

Succes factors and requirements:

Environmental regulation (e.g. air pollutants).

Countries where implemented:
South Korea
Case story of implementation:

Chiba Thermal Power Plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co.


Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry, JapanEmail: [email protected]