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Energy Efficiency: A Multi-functional Ceramic Coating Material


'GAINA' The one-of-a-kind insulation coating for energy cost saving that originated from Japanese space technology



GAINA is a unique paint that can provide strong insulation effect just by painting it. By providing insulation, it helps to reduce energy cost.
 The product originated from the H-IIB  type rocket development technology of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), and it is the first product of COSMODE(*1), approved by JAXA.

*1 JAXA COSMODE is a brand founded in 2008 that aims to provide the “allure” of space to daily lives through cutting-edge technologies that originated from Japanese aerospace research and development projects and products born from collaborative research between companies and JAXA.


Major Features and Advantages

I. High Durability

The paint can sustain its durability against outdoor weather for more than 14 years, which is more than twice the duration compared to general paint.

II. Multiple Applications

Besides insulating heat and cold, the paint is also useful for condensation prevention, sound proof / insulation, and air quality improvement etc.

III. Safe and Easy to Use

No special skills or tools are necessary to use GAINA. It is also safe as it is water based.


Technology Data

Possible Applications

Effect of GAINA Application

For measures against heat and cold


When painted on the outer wall and roof of the above building, below are the thermographies in the attic.



Before paint 54.8℃


After paint 44.6℃


Prevention of condensation
For measures against moisture in areas with large temperature difference.



To reduce the sound of rain hitting the roof, and for soundproofing measures in construction site



Improving air quality
For odor control at tourist spots, restaurants or hotels and for offering relief of symptoms from sick building syndrome

Non-flammable (approved by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
For fire retardant for houses and factories



Building Standards Law F☆☆☆☆
Suitable for safety critical buildings such as hospitals

Water-based paint
Safe water-based paint that does not contain volatile components and it can be easily handled by anyone.

High insulation resistance
Prevention of rust for facilities sensitive to electric static like pipeline and gas tank.


Possible Applications
Please see “Schematic Illustration” in the Attachment section for details.


Competitive Advantage

There are no equivalent products as existing technology. The best advantage of GAINA is that the energy cost can be suppressed only by painting. Since it is water based, it is easy to paint because it does not require organic solvents and no special skills or tools are necessary. Normal thermal insulation paint that prevents heating by reflecting light can only be applied outdoors and it needs regular cleaning when the surface is dirty. On the other hand, GAINA insulation paint can be applied indoors, and there is no effect on performance even when the surface is dirty, so there is no cost to sustain the effectiveness.

The construction work is same as conventional painting work so there is no extra initial cost needed and there is no annual running cost. Normal paint requires repainting every 6 or 7 year but for GAINA even after 14 years still no repainting (work) is necessary. Which is twice as long as the duration normal paint lasts.

It is useful not only for insulation but also for rust prevention, dew condensation prevention, fire-proofing (for building and facility that needs this features like hotels and hospitals), indoor environment improvement, soundproofing (in factories and airports) and many more. All these features are available just by applying GAINA.



Energy saving effect in ordinary houses (Japan)
Power consumption reduction of air conditioner; at least 20% according to our users
UV absorption rate 93% to 95%
Xenon 2000 hours combined cycle test (equivalent to 14 years in normal conditions)
Acid resistance, alkali resistance
No cracking · No peeling · No cloudiness · No discoloration
Near infrared reflectance 87.1%




Technical maturity / Past record of introduction



Information on patent related to this technology

Patent No. 2990534 (Japan)       Patent holder:NISSIN SANGYO CO., LTD.
US Patent Trademark No.7489     Patent holder:NISSIN SANGYO CO., LTD.


Contact person

Mr. Hideaki MATSUDA
Email: [email protected]
(GAINA Pro Co., Ltd.)

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